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At ABLE MFG & Assembly, we apply our expertise to manufacture complex high quality, components for a wide range of applications. Here are just a few examples of the value added products and services that we provide every day.

Fabrication of a Fan Cylinder Access Door Assembly for an Industrial Cooling / HVAC Application

At ABLE Manufacturing & Assembly, our expertise is frequently called upon to build large fiberglass assemblies with highly specific mechanical and material properties. We manufactured these 165" x 86.5" x .25" fiberglass fan cylinder assemblies for a customer in the cooling industry. Used for directing a stream of forced exhaust air generated by cylinder fans, each of the units served as a sub-assembly to a much larger assembly built on site.

Materials of construction included both fire retardant and non-fire retardant gels and resins as well as specialized reinforcing fabrics. The cylinders feature a foam core designed to eliminate unwanted noise and vibration and an enamel coating formulated to withstand outdoor exposure and maintain the desired protective surface quality. We inspected the components using a variety of precision metrology tools, and also utilized a 3rd party testing service for verification of material and mechanical specifications.

Our broad range expertise enabled us to skillfully deliver these quality lightweight assemblies that stand up to the stress and abuse of their operating environment. We currently manufacture more than 1,000 open & closed mold units annually for this customer. If you would like to learn more about this project or how our fiberglass expertise can bring lightweight economy to your next project, contact us today.

Molding of a Cab End Bonnet for the Railroad Industry

Beginning with a design-for-manufacturability assessment and ending with just-in-sequence delivery to the customer, this railcar bonnet was built by ABLE Manufacturing & Assembly. It exemplifies our ability to fabricate large, tight tolerance, mold-in-place components with a high gloss, high durability surface finish. It also demonstrates the capability of our team of experts to deliver a turn-key solution complete with glass window and lighting component installation.

We built this component by hand-layering flame-retardant resins, reinforcing fabrics, as well as molded-in structural steel components to provide strength and stability. In addition to specially formulated gel coat finishes, this assembly features melamine surfaces with a low-glare finish as well as composite surfaces with high gloss finishes, both tested in accordance with ASTM D523. Measuring 102.99" x 16.13" x 98.55", we hand trimmed it to within +/-.0625" tolerances and painted it with a high-gloss UV protective, class A coating. Our quality team executed flammability tests as well as visual, dimensional, and thickness gauge inspections.

We delivered the fully assembled bonnet to the customer exactly when they needed it for their production cycle. Our ability to successfully meet the challenges of projects like this makes us a market leader in this industrial segment. For more information, please read below, or contact us today to learn how our expertise can improve your next project.

Fabrication of an Enclosed Boom Cabin for the Aerospace Industry

ABLE Manufacturing & Assembly's integrated services and multiple process capabilities enable us to provide fabrication for complex assemblies resulting in a turn-key cab for our customers. The project highlighted here was designed to keep the operators of a large boom lifts safe, secure, and protected from the elements. It features a precision-welded aluminum frame with a class A paint finish, polycarbonate windows, and watertight construction.

Working from customer specifications and a highly coordinated project plan, we designed and built the fixtures, then machined and stamped the component parts and installed the clear polycarbonate windows. Dimensional tolerance requirements of +/-.030", +/-2° angular, required that our welding team display precision control over the joining process when fabricating the cabin housing. More than 71 components, including doors, weather stripping, wipers, seats, and the interior console, were part of the completed 46.28" x 42.57" x 63.21" assembly.

Both in-process and post-assembly quality controls, executed in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management plan, ensured that the final product was dimensionally accurate, 100% weather-tight, and the electronics fully functional. Multi-disciplined groups of experts working together toward a common goal made this project a success. ABLE Manufacturing is the one to call when you are looking for a total system solution. Contact us today.

Fiberglass Lamination & Open Molding of a Hood for the Construction Machinery Industry

ABLE Manufacturing & Assembly has been in business since 1954, and our in-depth knowledge of materials and manufacturing has made us a trusted supplier of large component parts to the heavy equipment industry. When approached by a customer to fabricate this engine hood, we began the collaboration by conducting a design-for-manufacturability assessment of their part drawing. Our engineers determined that a combination of fiberglass light resin transfer molding as well as utilizing an open mold process would be ideal for delivering a durable, tight tolerance assembly with a high quality surface finish and minimized tooling costs.

Building the tooling for the components of this 60" x 30" x 25" fabrication was done in-house and dimensionally inspected by utilizing an advanced technology laser scanning device. We employed multiple fabrication processes to lay-up the parts to precise thicknesses, and molded in steel brackets for added structural stability. A specialty-formulated 2-tone gel coat provided the durable, high-gloss, showpiece type finish. Additional operations included trimming, drilling, and painting the black surfaces. Both in-process and final piece inspections ensured that we met the tight tolerance requirements for material thickness and overall size.

The lightweight durability of this component is field-proven and we currently manufacture 1000+ units annually for just-in-time delivery to our customers. Contact us today to learn how our team of experts can optimize the production of your equipment components.

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