Paint & Finish Coatings

Prime & Paint Finish

ABLE is a certified OEM finisher specializing in coating Class A commercial surfaces. ABLE has a state of the art facility to meet or exceed the most stringent of customer demands from metal preparation to top coat applications using single stage or base/clear technologies. ABLE Manufacturing proudly uses Imron polyurethane products from Axalta Coating Systems (formerly DuPont), a leading global company focused exclusively on coatings with more than 145 years of experience in the coatings industry.

To support the growth of ABLE's value added products and assembly, Plant 2 was constructed to house a state-of-the-art prep, prime and paint system for metals, plastics and composites. Below are the highlights:

5 Stages - Composites Prime Paint, Primer Cure, Stage 1 Paint, Stage 2 Paint, Final Cure.

Large Parts - 10 Ft Wide x 25 Feet Long x 15 Feet Tall

ABLE Associates are Provided with Personal Protective Gear to Maintain Safe Working Conditions

Primer Curing Oven

After trim, parts are carefully inspected and minor blemishes repaired. All over scuff sand prior to paint.

Composite Parts Loaded to Stage 3 for Final Paint Finish

Color Mix System, Computer Controlled

Computer Controlled Paint Tint & Mix System Insures Perfect Color Match, Part After Part

Paint Dispense System, Computer Controlled

GRACO Computer Controlled PRO MIX System Supplies Paint in Consistent Measured Amounts

Paint Preparation & Detail Booths

4 Booths, Each 25 ft x 25 ft, Installed Adjacent to the Main Paint Line

Paint Final Inspection Booth

Booth Equipped With High Intensity Surround Lighting

Wash Booth

Accommodates 10 Ft Wide x 20 Feet Long x 12 Feet Tall Large Parts

Gel Coat

ABLE provides Class A commercial grade finishes in color gel coat. Multiple inspection and buffing cells assure product is showroom ready for installation.

CASE Hoods Being Loaded to Shipping Fixture

CASE Loader Features Multiple Class A Gel Coat Panels Throughout

2-Tone Class A Painted Finish Achieved by Careful Mask and 'Frostline' Removal Prior to Final Color Finish

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