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ABLE ... A Preferred Supplier For OVER 60 Years!

Since 1954 with the advent of our up-fit bread delivery truck body, the success of ABLE Manufacturing & Assembly has been developing innovative value added solutions.

The 1970s innovation of the ABLE BODY Sleeper Cab allowed Class 8 Semi truck operators the ability to rest in the comfort of their own truck, and business boomed. We expanded our core capabilities to encompass Fiberglass Composites, Metal Fabrication of Enclosures, Interior Panel Molding, Climate Control, Accessory Systems and turn-key Final Assembly - all with Showroom quality paint, fit and finish found at any coach builder.

In this early promotional photo, you see an ABLE BODY Sleeper Cab Quality tested by a circus elephant.

The 1978 movie CONVOY featured an ABLE BODY Sleeper Cab mated to MACK Superliner RW (oh yeah, and some actors named Kris Kristofferson, Ali MacGraw, Ernest Borgnine and Burt Young).

Industries Served

Our customer-centric focus means we dedicate 100% of our resources to the success of our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers, serving a broad spectrum of industries:


CASE IH Model 3340 Agriculture Sprayer Features ABLE Fully Painted Front and Rear Two-Tone Hoods with Access Panels and Mounting Hardware


KMT's Streamline PRO series WaterJet Features ABLE Fully Painted Custom Metal Enclosure


CASE Model 62 Loader Features Numerous ABLE Class A Gel Coat Hoods and Louvered Panels


FORD MOTOR CO's Heavy Duty Class 8 Semi Tractors Featured ABLE BODY's Patented Sleeper CAB


ABLE BODY Produced the AGO-10 Aluminum Body for the 1980s-1990s M1031 Military CUCV. They were built by the 1000s for the US Army, flown all over the world, seen in movies, and still in use today. This example was photographed in the visitor lot of Plant 1.


BOMBARDIER Selected ABLE to Supply the Exterior Train End Bonnet and Color Molded Interior Panels and Seating Structures for the Great Windy City CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY 5000 'L LINE'




LABCONCO 10ft Protector XL Benchtop Laboratory Hood Featuring ABLE Composite Liner & Blower


SIEMENS Wind Power System Featuring ABLE Rotating Fan Blade Shroud Assembly


LARSON Fishing Boat with ABLE Hull & Interior Assemblies


We are structured to build in low (less than 1,000 pieces annually) to medium (less than 10,000 pieces annually) volume. Additionally, we support prototype development leading to our on-going production level participation. Because we are a production company and not a job shop, our customers receive ample support throughout the process from quotation to part production wind down.

ABLE Manufacturing & Assembly's focus on business is to integrate multiple in-house processes to yield a high value added product for our OEM Customer. Our processes include:

Open Mold Laminated Sheet & Chopper Feed Spray fiberglass composites meeting a wide variety of material, heat, chemical and strength standards.

Lite RTM and Vacuum Assisted RTM Close Mold fiberglass composites meeting a wide variety of material, heat, chemical and strength standards with exceptional dimensional consistency, strength and beautiful visual surface quality.

Components insert molded or jig fixture bonded after molding to include brackets, fasteners, louvers, grill mesh, air intakes.

CNC high speed metal forming of complex shapes in cold rolled steel & aluminum.

Production welding using MIG, TIG and SPOT weld methods and repeatable production grade weld fixtures

Anti-Corrosion phosphate and zinc-rich metal preparation.

Primers for Composite and Metal, full range.

Class A Grade Finish of Base/Clear and Single Stage Paint systems, with computer color match.

Class A Grade Finish of Gel Coat and Ready for Paint.

Vacuum Thermoform plastics for interior and exterior components, door & trim panels, instrument cluster, consoles.

Managing procurement of large (2,000 SKU items or more per assembly) Bill of Materials (BOM) for vehicle systems including: climate control, steering, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, communication, lighting, glass, sealing, wiper, crash/rollover safety, exterior & interior vehicle panels and more.

Complete, turn-key assembly of operator vehicle cabs, operator pulpits, truck up-fit bodies and toppers, vehicle hoods, bonnets, engine and cover panels, industrial enclosures.

After sales warranty & customer support.


ABLE produces Customer products from concept and prototype thru production phase with expertise in the following areas:

1. Design Engineering from 3D Model, 2D drawings and Reverse Engineering of existing products and processes.

2. Developing business and ERP systems that are designed to manage complex BOMs and Assemblies.

3. Value Added / Value Engineered to combine multiple processes.

4. LEAN Production & Toyota Production Systems 1-by-1 Sequential, KANBAN Pull, KAIZEN / Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma Certified, ISO9001:2008 Certified.

5. Mass Production with after sales customer service, technical support and warranty coverage to ISO9001:2008 standards.

A Message From Our CEO

We welcome you to visit ABLE for a tour and review of your project. Alternatively, we support electronic meeting services including video conference and network hosted meeting. From taking your product from Concept to Shipping Crate, we are ABLE and ready to serve you.

With Best Regards,

Dan Hillenbrand, CEO & 2nd Generation Family Owner

Leadership Team

Dan Hillenbrand, CEO & Family Owner
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Rick Grise, President
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Lisa M. Crist, VP Sales and Business Development
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Ken Millican, Director of Quality
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Certifications and Associations

ABLE actively contributes in the business community. Visit our NEWS page to learn more. Below is a list of certifications and organizations that ABLE currently or previously supports.

ISO 9001:2008

American Composites Manufacturers Association
American Equipment Manufacturers
American Wind Energy Association
Certified Composites Technician
International Organization for Standardization
Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce
American Welding Society
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt
OSHA's Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program